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Restaurant Spotlight: Rosemary Trattoria - Authentic, Family Friendly Italian

Posted by: kateg 9 months, 3 weeks ago

The Coronado restaurant scene is alive!  With new restaurants popping up all over town, and tried and true restaurants thriving, I wanted to do a series showcasing all that Coronado restaurants have to offer.  I hope you’ll follow along and try out a few of the restaurants yourself!

This past Saturday, Brett and I were itching to try something new.  We saw a social media post by a family friend saying that Rosemary Trattoria at 120 Orange Ave was one of her favorite new restaurants on the island.  Since we hadn’t tried it yet, it was an obvious choice for dinner!

Before having Poppy in May, we were great about eating out and trying new restaurants.  Now, we usually stick with what’s easy, because eating out with a 7 month old has its own challenges.  But on Saturday, we opted for a babysitter so we could truly enjoy the evening.

Rosemary Trattoria is located on the 100 block of First Street.  This block of First has seen the most change over the last 10 years or so (notwithstanding all of the changes happening on the 1000 block of Orange as we speak).  In fact, 120 Orange Avenue has been home to multiple restaurants over the last few years. Despite generally good food, this location has struggled to compete with the other options on the island, and I’m not entirely sure why! 

As we headed toward that end of the island, we decided to pop over to the landing to take in the view.  I’m so glad we did! It was sunset and all locals know sunsets in January are amongst the best all year.  With the sun setting over the ocean, the reflection on the buildings downtown was beautiful and serene (I was so captivated, I forgot to take a photo).

After enjoying the view, we opted to walk over to the restaurant in case it was busy.  We passed Nicky Rottens, which was full of football fans cheering on some “big game” and we made our way to the restaurant. 

When we arrived, only a few seats were taken, and we opted to sit out front despite the cool weather because there were heaters that the hostess assured would keep us cozy. 

It was still happy hour, and we ordered wine, the mozzarella meatballs, and the truffle fries (Brett’s favorite). The server also brought out their homemade bread with oil and vinegar. It was all fabulous, especially the mozzarella meatballs!

For dinner, I ordered the Chicken Picatta and Brett ordered the Shrimp with Pasta in cream sauce.  Both were great, but I especially liked Brett’s! The waitress mentioned their Chicken Parmesan was also good, so next time we’ll have to try that, as well.  For dessert, we got the cheesecake. Despite the generic sound to it, we loved the berry sauce on top!

While we sat and enjoyed our dinner, we saw many other Coronado locals come and go.  The restaurant had the authenticity of Primavera but with a more family friendly feel.  The service was top notch, the ambiance was comfortable and pleasant, and the food was authentic.  We will definitely be back, especially knowing this view is only a few steps away!

Check out my instagram page for photos of the evening!


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